Guests accompanied by members are welcome. A 4 fee is payable for each session. A visitor may not play more than 3 times.


Playing Rules
  1. Players must wear flat rubber-soled tennis shoes

  2. No player may occupy a court for more than one short set if other members are waiting to play. No court may be used for singles play if the remaining courts are in use and other members are waiting to play.

  3. Juniors may not use the courts after 7 p.m. Monday to Friday or after 2 p.m. on Saturday if senior members are waiting to play. Juniors have priority over seniors on Saturday mornings.

  4. Children under 10 years may only use the courts when under the supervision of a senior member.

  5. The courts may be closed because of adverse weather conditions at the discretion of any member of the General Committee.

  6. The courts will not be available for  general use on the same evening as a pre-arranged match.